Google Glass Starts Selling in The US for $1500: Still in Beta Stages

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While others are still working hard on coming up with one such device, Google has already released its most popular wearable device-- the Google Glass in the US. The smart-glass, which is still in a beta-phase can be bought by anyone who wants to spare $1,500 which is a great deal of money if converted in Indian currency. To give you a rough idea, if it gets launched in India, you might have to pay close to Rs. 89,175.

Google Glass Starts Selling in The US for $1500: Still in Beta Stages

Earlier this year, Google sold limited stock of the same device to the US public for $1,500 to make it available to select group of users such as apps developers. Via a blogpost, Google said that it "decided to move to a more open beta," and said anyone in the United States could buy the internet-connected Glass eyewear as long as stocks lasted. The consumer version of the Google Glass is said to go on sale by the end of this year.

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To talk about Google Glass, it is a stamp-sized electronic screen mounted on the side of a pair of eyeglass frames. It can record video, access email, provide turn-by-turn driving directions and retrieve information from the web by connecting wirelessly to a user's cell phone.

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Google Glass is packed with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, speakers, a camera, microphone, possibly a gyroscope that detects head-tilts. Apart from these, Google Glass has voice input, which makes it the most interesting device.

The built-in microphone combined with Google Now connects you directly to the search engine. You simply activate Google Now by saying "Okay Glass" then send a command or question.

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