Google To Improve Scrolling Options For Chrome: 10 Ways To Use Chrome Browser Better

The Global search engine giant Google is now moving forward to improve its scrolling performance in its Chrome browser by introducing support for Pointer Events, a standard that supports both mouse and touch navigation at the same time.

The Pointer Events API combines all of the touch, mouse, and stylus interactions with a browser into a single set of programmable events which is available since IE 10.

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Google is set on refining the scrolling options on Chrome and will make it better with the help of IE's technology.

Majority of the world's population using Android devices use Google Chrome as their default browser. The browser is also popular amongst desktop users. Here are a few tricks that'll make browsing a lot more fun and interesting for you.

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Tips to use multiple Accounts

Google allows you to log in into multiple accounts from their mail service. If you are having a seperate account for work and a seperate account for personal purpose then you can log in into both accounts without having to log out of one.

Install Apps

It is possible to install apps to the chrome browser in a similar way that it's possible to install apps to Windows or OS X. While some simply launch an existing website, others actually operate within the Chrome browser itself.

Manage Processes

Pressing SHIFT + ESC loads a task manager showing a list of the processes running in the Chrome browser, including tabs that are open, extensions and apps. By right-clicking, other metrics can be displayed and a button at the bottom of the task manager lets users close processes that are unresponsive or making the browser run slowly.

Use Chrome as A Notepad

This is possible with any other browser which is HTML 5 compatible. All you need to do is paste the following line of code into the address bar and you're good to go.

data : text/html,


Remote Access

If you use more than one computers in different locations this can be very helpful for you. You can access the other computers from your own desktop. It can be very helpful if you have to use multiple systems located at different locations.

You can use the Chrome browser to do this by installing Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app. The app must be installed in each computer's Chrome browser and the person wishing to share their desktop must click the "share" button to generate a code. This code will provide the remote helper with access to their computer.

More Specific Searches

Yes that's possible! And here's how to enable it.

To do this you need to go into the browser "settings" and, under the "Search" heading, select "Manage search engines..." Here you will find a list of the search engines with which Chrome is already familiar. You can either edit an existing search engine or add a new one.

If an entry already exists you can simply alter the keyword used to trigger the search functionality for that site to something of your choosing. If an entry doesn't already exist, you just need to add the URL and name of the site.


Generate New Passwords

If you are tired of creating new passwords whenever you register for a new website? You will be know that your browser can do it for you but the feature is still an experimental one. to activate it you need only enter "about:flags" into the browser's address bar, find the option "Enable password generation", select enable and restart the browser.

Desktop Gone Mobile

It is very well possible to use your Chrome Browser as a Molile device. This feature comes in handy for web developers. To use it, you just need to bring up the browser's developer tools via the menu or by pressing F12. Once they've loaded, just click the phone icon and select the device-type from the drop down menu.

Pin What You Like

There are a certain bunch of websites which we use daily. These frequent;y used websites can be pinned onto the browser to make it accesible more easily. Right click on the tab and choose the Pin Tab option and pin your favourite tabs on your Google Chrome.

Use Your Voice

If you prefer talking rather than typing then this feature is just for you. All you need to do is head for Google search and click the microphone symbol at the end of the search box before dictating your search query. For languages that are supported go into the browser's settings and enable "OK Google" search command.

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