Google Introduces 'Unsubscribe' Button for Gmail to Reduce Spam Mails

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Spamming is a major issue with people who have to stay connected to their email accounts all day long at work, especially the ones related to marketing. And as irritating as they may be, there's no real way to get rid of them. However, Google has a solution.

According to reports, Google has added a new "unsubscribe" button that users will now see at the top of promotional messages they receive. On clicking the button, Gmail will try and make sure the user no longer receives any such material from that sender.

Google Introduces 'Unsubscribe' Button for Gmail to Reduce Spam Mails

As of now, before the introduction of the "unsubscribe" button, users had to move through tiny texts at the bottom of a specified unwanted message looking for links just to "unsubscribe" pages on companies' websites. Once on these sites, users then had to fill out forms clarifying which email address they want to unsubscribe alongside giving a reason as to whay they are unsubscribing.

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Google's idea of introducing the unsubscribe button is simple. To make it simpler for users to remove themselves from unwanted promotional lists and messages that sometimes seem never ending. Also, the button saves users a lot of time that they would otherwise have spent going through numerous company policies (related to the promotional mails) in order to stop the service once and for all.

However, while the new addition may seem like something that's indeed worth a lot for all those on Gmail all day, apparently, it's not something entirely new. The feature has already been around for quite some time on Gmail, but it was only available for selected people. Now, the company has made it active for all.

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As it stands, the unsubscribe button will now be visible for most promotional messages with unsubscribe options. The button will appear at the top of messages on the right side of the concerned email.

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