Google is the most visited site in 2011

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Google is the most visited site in 2011


In United States, Google is found to be the most visited website in 2011 and Facebook has been surpasses by Google and it occupies the second position. These results were revealed by a new study that was conducted by Nielsen.

He suggests that over 153 million visitors have clicked the pages branded by Google per month while Facebook has had only 138 million visitors per month.

Yahoo is in the third position with around 130 million visitors per month. The analysts warn that Yahoo might experience risk if continues to deviate from the web based mail service and it may also loose the traffic from the youngsters.

This study was conducted based on the information gathered from January to October of 2011 and also included the visits made from both home and office systems. It involved about 200,000 people from across the world.

Although Google ranked first, its social network, Google+ has come far behind occupying the eighth position with about 8.02 million distinct visitors every month when it comes to the popular social networking sites and blogs.

YouTube, the video sharing website of Google is recognized to be the most famous destination of online videos with about triple visitor count when compared to Vevo, the music video service.

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