Google joins O-Zone to offer free Wi-Fi in India

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Google joins O-Zone to offer free Wi-Fi in India

Google and O-Zone Networks are joining together to offer free Wi-Fi to the users in India. But do think anyone will offer something for free without any profit for them? That is where Google has kept the catch and that too a big one.

This service will let the users have unlimited Google+ usage and about 10 minutes of access to YouTube every week. But when accessing the other websites that are non-Google ones, the users will have to pay for each minute through O-Zone.

This is like how you get free Wi-Fi in the airport and then realize that you can browse only the website of the airport.

When it comes to the user's perspective, what's free is free. Accessing little internet is better than they not having one. This is a play by Google to promote its services taking the expense of open web.

Google is trying hard to be two contrary aspects: one is a search engine that aims to make all the information universally accessible and the second is a social network that aims to make the information universally inaccessible or accessible only to limited people.

Currently, the Wi-Fi offer is only a three month pilot project and the company is in discussion with O-Zone to make it powerful by making a partnership.

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