Google launches Chrome 18

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Google launches Chrome 18

Google was the first one to launch Chrome browser using the rapid release cycle. This means that the browser will get some updates in quick successions. There may not be great updates and more features but the version numbers are significant for users to switch over.

Chrome 17 was launched in February 2012 and the next one, Chrome 18 is here. It can be downloaded from the Google Site. If you are already Chrome browser, it will automatically update itself. If you find Chrome not auto-updated, you can proceed to the Tools icon at the right top corner and click on About Google Chrome.

The latest version of the browser will download and install by its own. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The new update has many new features and fixes. The addition of graphics hardware acceleration in good. It existed in the beta version but was made live only in this one.

Google has modified some components of the user interface. The new tab button is bright and prominent. It is integrated with the Adobe Flash Player component. The next release, Chrome 19 is scheduled to happen in a month or two.

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