Google launches Schemer to attack Foursquare

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Google launches Schemer to attack Foursquare


A team of engineers at Google has announced the launch of  an all new website named Schemer which is said to attack Foursquare, a social network based on locations. This new service is designed mainly to help the people to discover the new things that they have to do and to share the schemes with their friends thereby creating some fun in the internet world.

The page of the website says that it will help the users on what they can do take like explore a new city, check out for a movie recommended by a friend and find new hobbies to pass the weekends. Schemer will help the users to discover all new things and share the schemes with them with their friends to make the maximum out of the day.

The Verge, a website focusing on technology states that this service allows the users to select the activities of their interest, save these activities and then share these with friends and let them know about your interests. The service itself tracks the completed schemes and then records them in the list of accomplishments and this will recommend the new schemes that are related to the interests of the users.

Schemer service is now in beta and it is based on the invites currently. This service will be announced for Google+ first and then will be promoted by the Schemer team and the media partners of the product on Twitter. Those users interested in becoming a part of Schemer can register and then add themselves to the wait list in the website.

The website has several partners like Food Network, Bravo, Zagat, TimeOut, IGN, Outside, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and National Geographic and more. Google ha mentioned a description as well as posted a video on the website of Schemer.

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