Google Let's Talk Mo service: Make Your Own Mobile Site

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Google Let's Talk Mo service: Make Your Own Mobile Site

Google India has announced the launch of Let’s Talk Mo service that will allow users to create mobile sites for free. Google has designed this service to assist smaller and medium businesses in creating free mobile sites thereby allowing them an opportunity to reach out to around 70 million mobile users in India. 

Dedicated Let’s Talk Mo Service Website

Google India was found stating in a blog post, “With Indian Smartphone users spending over 157 minutes daily on the mobile web (89 percent of them are searching for information), the user-experience is not optimized for the mobile screen as most Indian websites are still designed for the PC Experience.” 

This new service from Google will bring a much awaited change in the area as more companies and individuals will be motivated to develop mobile sites with this free utility. Google India is providing these services for users in two options. One among the options is providing users with the ability to develop a free mobile site. Google has kept in place a website dedicated for users looking out for the required tools and resources in creating a mobile website. The second thing is by using a tool known as GoMoMeter tool; users can test the user-friendliness of their mobile website. 

GoMoMeter Tool

Google India has claimed that this service will bring a lot of benefits to its users.

Some of its benefits include: 

  • An opportunity for business enterprises to check how the mobile site will appear in the user’s Smartphone

  • This tool will also provide businesses with recommendations so as to make their website more user-friendly and more functional. 
‘Let’s Talk Mo’ service also incorporates of a tool known as ‘Do It Yourself’, which is designed for assisting the businesses in creating a mobile site. Businesses can also get additional information on the present mobile trends, case studies and best practices. Google expects this service to gather interest among businesses of small scale and medium scales in India. Have a look at the link.

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