Google Maps App For iOS to Arrive by 2012-end

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Google Maps App For iOS to Arrive by 2012-end

Google Maps iOS app could arrive by the end of this year. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt informed that Google will soon start working on the app. iOS users are keenly awaiting the arrival of Google Maps app as a lot of complaints are in the air recently regarding the inefficiency of the native map service in Apple"s iO6. 

Apple had recently dropped Google Maps in order to promote their own map service in iO6. However the accuracy of the app from Apple became a huge topic of debate after the public launch of iO6. Users have been raising complaints regarding the unavailability of public transit information and lack of a proper direction system in Apple"s map service. Apple"s inexperience in the area of maps clearly seems to be showing and users are now looking at Google for a unified solution to the problem. 

According to a report by New York Times, Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad is under consideration and users can expect it to arrive by later part of 2012.Google recently launched a Youtube app for iPhone and iPad which became extremely popular among Apple users. This clearly shows that consumers of Apple products are not reluctant to accept services from Google. Google Maps iOS app will be a breather to a vast majority of iPhone and iPad users who are dissatisfied with the performance of the native map service in iO6.

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