Google not ready to remove content

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Google not ready to remove content

The controversy about the online content regulations is raging day by day and meantime Google India, the Internet giant said that it complies to the law of the country and that it won't remove the material only for the sake of being controversial.

As per a spokesman of the Google, the company claims that it works quite hard to ensure that the users avail access to the maximum possible information while following the law as well. If there is some illegal content, the company abides by the law and it takes it out.

He also added that sometimes, the content might be legal but it will break or violate the terms and conditions of the company and the company will remove that sort of content also when it is notified about such occurrences. But when there is legal content that abides by the policies of Google, it will not be removed for the sake of being controversial as the views of people will differ and it should be protected and respected as well.

Social networking websites like Facebook and Google are asked to ensure the quality of the content before uploading them online said Kapil Sibal, the Telecom Minister of India. He added that the government does not wish to interfere in this matter but when the websites are not interested to cooperate, it will become the government's duty to stop and take the right step.

Regarding the offensive online content, the government has already met the officials from Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Facebook since the past few weeks especially after coming across the internet content about Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, the Congress leader. When questioned about this, Yahoo declined to offer comment and Microsoft authorities were not there for any comments.

The giant in social networking, Facebook has about 25 million users in India alone and it has ensured that it will remove the content that is violent, threatening and hateful and even those that contain nudity. The officials of the company have stated that it recognizes the efforts of the government in minimizing the extent of abusive online content and that it will engage with the authorities of the government about this issue. Facebook as per the company's wish is a place for the users to discuss openly with the policies and features of reporting the abusive content that is present online.

As per the Telecom Minister, the content that is posted on certain sites is so offensive that it can hurt the religious beliefs and sentiments of larger section of the communities in India.

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