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Are you an desirous user of Google+? If you say yes, then you would have noticed the tool bar which will follow you everywhere while you are using the Google websites that say 9+ on the right top of the screen while are you are signed in. 9+ indicates that you have over 9 new notifications. It was not clear why Google did not mention the actual number and made it common. Now, the company has removed the 9+ and has replaced this with the exact number of notifications.

Some users may not like to see notifications for all the activities of Google+ but they are indeed a part of the service. It is mainly to take us back, make the service look active and to make us loved. Google+ does not let us control it regarding what we like to get notified of and hence we may get notifications for the ones that we are not interested too. However, you can choose the notifications that you like to get emailed or messaged to you and also on which circles you like to be notified of. But this is not too useful as the notifications must be by the action type.

The red box with the number of notifications at the right top gives a sudden diversion while you are attentively doing some task such as reading through your email. It would be nice if there is some option to customize it. Some of the users may not have any idea on these as they do not possess any control over them. This is not the case with the other most commonly used social site, Twitter as in it you will be favorited, followed, replied to or retweeted and above all, you can control these.

Even Facebook is similar to Twitter in this case as it also allows you to choose what you want to be notified of and turn off this service for those events that you are not interested of. Now Google+ is getting more active with lots about 44million users across the world and so they have to take some step in handling these notifications. Once this is done may be we would make use of it to a greater extent.

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