Google's Project Ara Smartphone To Come Powered by Customized Android L Version

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It's been like a year since project Ara has started making a loud noise across the Internet and online technology space. This is possibly the initiation of the era of modulation-phone which aims at providing users freedom to choose hardware for your smartphones.

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A recent news surrounding Google's Project Ara suggest that it will run on modified version of Android L. It was revealed by Paul Eremenko, the head of Project Ara. He further added that customized version of Android L will support hot swapping of components, with the exception of the CPU and display. Android Police says that Google is also working with Linaro (an open source engineering firm) to design this version of Android.

Google's Project Ara Smartphone To Come Powered by Customized Android

Google demoed the prototype of the Project Ara at the I/O developer conference in June. Also new reports have started making rounds that suggests Google will launch Project Ara phone in January 2015. Also, the the modular phones will reportedly be powered by Toshiba chip.

According to Eremenko, the first fully functional prototype of Project Ara will be showcased the second Ara developer conference in December. The consumer launch of the phone would possibly be in early 2015.

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Modules for Project Ara phones will be sold in a new online store similar to the Play Store, allowing you to build the phone you want. A working version of Ara is supposed to be demoed at the second dev conference in December with a consumer launch possibly in early 2015.

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