Google removes some apps from Android Market

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Google removes some apps from Android Market


Google has all of the sudden removed about 22 apps from the Android Market soon after find that they contained some fraudulent software. The Android Market is not like the other app stores as its apps are not tested before they are added. Google has announced that it removes those apps that does not comply to its security policies swiftly.

A San Francisco based mobile security firm, Lookout believes that the fraud apps attempt has originated and spread from Russia. Lookout has intimated Google about 22 apps that were affected and has also identified another five apps that run the RuFraud scam.

This scam actually creates a belief in the users that they are downloading some program or game for their device and gains the permission from them to send some premium text messages. Google confirms that even the additional apps are removed now.

Lookout claims that over 14,000 downloads have been made on the apps that have the RuFraud scam. It has affected lot of users in Europe and that these attacks have increased in the recent months only.

Google has now come under the fire for being careless in detecting and removing the dangerous or substandard apps that are posing like popular ones. The other rival app stores like the ones of Apple and Microsoft make sure that the apps first undergo a testing process before adding them.

The app store offered by Amazon also ensures that the apps undergo some curation and some vigorous checking. Google has to put additional efforts in filtering the harmful apps and software in the Android Market. The Android Market is growing and it is quite flexible and as a result of its growth it is not only getting more market shares but also more malware and infected software.

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