Google’s on a mission to popularize Solar Panels via their Project Sunroof

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    Alphabet! Yes that's what Google mother organization will now be called. Carrying out a number of presently non-profitable yet sustainable projects, is the main mission of the Google's mother company Alphabet. And here they are back again with another revolutionizing project codenamed the Project Sunroof.

    Google’s on a mission to popularize Solar Panels

    The project is basically based on sustainable renewable energy for your house via Solar panels. You may be thinking yes, that's okay but what has Google to do with a Solar Panel? Are they planning to manufacture them? No, they won't!

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    Rather they are using their satellite imagery grabbed via their Google Earth program to help you calculate how sustainable and cost effective a Solar Panel is for lighting your house. The company had invested more than $2 billion USD in your sustainable energy project.

    Dubbed Project Sunroof, the recently released online tool enables you to type in your address and find out how much space you have for solar panels on your roof, how many hours of rooftop sunlight you'll get a year, and how much money you'd save.

    After typing in your address, a Google Earth image of your home and the surrounding neighborhood appears, with the roofs appearing in colours ranging from purple to yellow in order to indicate how much sunlight is striking the surface.

    Google’s on a mission to popularize Solar Panels

    Barry Fisher, a company spokesperson told Mashable, "As Google, we knew we had the expertise to do this well using Google maps and aerial imaging,"

    Unfortunately though, the company's tool is available only for residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and Fresno, California area. Expect Google to roll out the project to various cities in the coming few years.

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    The Project Sunroof will also recommend the size of solar system that you should install based on your average electricity bill. Further it will calculate how much you'll save depending on whether you opt to finance the solar array with a loan, by lease, or by purchase. Plus it present an option for consultation with Google's solar provider partners - SunWork, Vivint, SunEdison, SunPower, or NRG Solar.


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