Google Shopping Updated, Adds 360 Degree Product View and More

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Google Shopping Updated, Adds 360 Degree Product View and More

The search giant's internet marketplace Google Shopping has received an update of two new features in its online shopping system as part of improving the popularity of the service. As announced by Google on its blogpost, the two features include 360-degree product view and shortlists. 

The new additions will open up the virtual Window shopping experience for users who would be willing to take a closer look at the products before buying them. The social networking tools implemented in it allows users to share experiences with their friends and family members too with ease. 

To start with, 360-degree product view feature in Google Shopping allows customers to have a larger image of the toy or anything they would like to purchase. The feature uses a ‘Grab-and-Swivel’ method allowing users to have a detailed look on the toy from all the sides. Users can also spin the product quickly. These views are in addition to a host of pictures related to the product thereby giving a topmost and bottom most view of the product. 

Next in line is ‘Shortlists’ which is designed to give a social-networking kind of feel for the Google Shopping users. They will be able to view option next to any product labelled ‘Add to Shortlists’. Once you click this, you can move the item to a separate area. These shortlisted products can then be shared with ease to friends or family of the user. 

Further, there is also a button ‘Create a Shortlist’ which is red in colour and is placed next to Google Shopping Shortlists Page. For creating a shortlist, enter the name for the list after tapping the button titled ‘Create a Shortlist’ and then tap the option denoted as ‘Add a Product’. Once done, users have to enter the search term or URL. Users can then add a note after adding the product. Google hopes that both these features enhance the shopping experience and help users to have much more informed buying decision.

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