Google slowly overtaking Apple in many countries

Posted By: Rahul

Google slowly overtaking Apple in many countries

Unbelievable yet true. The Google android is causing nightmares to Apple in many countries in the world. This fact can be proved by looking at statistics which state that only 5 percent of the total number of i Phones were sold in the European country of Greece.

This is sure to ring alarm bells for Apple which is relying heavily on i Phones. Google Android is reportedly gaining widespread popularity in various countries & is sure to become the most popular operating system/smartphone in these countries.

In countries such as the U.S, people still prefer Apple i Phones regardless of the price. The U.S which is a traditional stronghold of Apple has maintained it's position among the top i Phone preferring nations of the world.

Thus, through this, we can make out that Google's Android is slowly encroaching upon Apple territory. But will it displace Apple from there or not remains to be seen.

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