Google Starts Android 4.2 Roll Out to Selected Nexus Devices

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Google Starts Android 4.2 Roll Out to Selected Nexus Devices

There are reports coming in about the sudden stock out of Nexus 4 smartphones in Google Play store. As it is already known that Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are the first devices to have the new Android 4.2 OS version built in. Those who could not get a hand to Nexus4 don’t need to wait for enjoying the new OS. As some users have already reported, Google has started rolling out Android 4.2 OS version to some selected Nexus devices. Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 fondleslab are the two older Nexus devices which are going to get this OS update over the air initially. 

However reportedly sources have clarifies that this update can now be enjoyed by those Nexus users who are using GSM/HSPA + networks. Those who are on CDMA networks may need to wait for more time. 

There is more disappointment for users having Nexus S smartphones and Motorola Xoom tablets as Google has made it clear that they won’t be releasing 4.2 OS updates for both these devices. The new Android 4.2 OS is however, not a major update and is generally considered as an incremental update only including some enhancements from performance and security angle.

In addition to processing related enhancements like GPU acceleration, the new OS update will also feature other updates like new anti-malware capabilities, multi-user support, support for external displays and more dynamic screensavers and lock screens. Users who are keen to more about these enhancements can know them from the Google’s Android developer site. 

Those Nexus users who don’t want to wait for OTA update can also make use of factory firmware images that can be downloaded manually to upgrade their devices to this new OS. However, lack of sufficient know-how on how to manually load them can lead to complete break downs.

As per the reports, still majority of the Android devices are on Gingerbread version (Android 2.3). Only 25.8% of users have upgraded to ICS and only 2.7% to Android Jelly Bean. Though there are reports that OTA update would start soon on Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus devices, it may get extended by days or weeks.

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