Google Working On A New Battery Technology To Power Your Smartphones

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It seems, the search engine giant Google is stepping into the battery arena, as per the latest report from the Wall Street Journal.

Google Working On A New Battery Technology To Power Your Smartphones

As per the report, Google X Research Labs is said to be concentrating on several new battery technologies as of now. The group working on the battery technologies is just a small one consisting of four members.

In an interview, Dr. Bhardwaj has told that Google has at least 20 battery-dependent projects in their line-up and other like industries transportation, health care, robotics and communications, designing physical devices where Google is working, requires efficient batteries.

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According to the report the search engine giant is said to be working on a solid-state battery in the form of thin-film. Solid-state, thin-film batteries offer better battery life and are thinner and lighter than our existing batteries which transmit a current across a solid, rather than liquid.

For this project, Google joined hands with many tech-companies like Apple, Tesla Motors Inc. and International Business Machines Corp to work on the battery efficiency.

Moreover, the team led by Dr. Bharadhwaj is also working on current lithium-ion battery to advance its technology.

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Also, they could be used in smartphones and other mobile devices that are thinner, bendable, wearable and even implantable in the human body.

As a fact, traditional batteries have the capability to freeze at high temperatures, so Google X engineers are coating them in blends of wax and graphite in a way that makes the heat diffuse more evenly.


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