Google to surpass Amazon in retail

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Google to surpass Amazon in retail

Google, the internet company is now seeking to aid the customers with an internet shopping website that will allow them to benefit from the delivery on the same day. This effort is to halt the web traffic that goes to as per the reports.

The leader of internet search engine, Google is now in talks and discussions with some of leading retailers like OfficeMax, Macy's and Gap Inc to start this service. When asked about this, Google did not respond to any comments and Amazon also didn't return any calls on the comments. Even OfficeMax and Macy's were not there comment while Gap has declined to make any comments.

Amazon has attracted so much of traffic as its Prime Service is quite popular and it can offer two day free shipping for $79 per year in US. Google might be having an eye on this popularity of Amazon and a fear of losing its web traffic. Google earns 40 percent of this revenue only from the retail sources and the great success of Amazon in the past few years might become some type of a problem for the revenue of Google.

As per the analysis, once a user becomes a member of the Amazon Prime Service, the particular user's search on Google for the products decreases subsequently. The Prime users will access Google search only when they do not find a certain product in Amazon or any other channels. Amazon has a lock-in and it shows the best products when searched using it. These factors might surely be a threat for the Google's 40 percent income and the company will not like to lose it.

Google as mentioned by a person familiar with the situation, stops selling to consumers directly and it will work with the websites of the retailers thereby combining the already existing feature of product search and the new shipping service by directing to shoppers from the former to the latter.

The new shopping feature includes the ability to check if a product is present in the stock list of a nearby store or not. Google will then offer a time period of 1 or 2 days for the some shipping fee. Google dominates the internet when it comes to the searching of products but it is good news that the company will soon handle even purchasing and getting products delivered to customers.

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