Google Tops The List Of Data Collectors, Apple Collects The Least: Study


Data collection over user privacy has been one of the biggest debates in recent times. Brands like Apple have built their product portfolio around user privacy whereas brands like Meta have been tangled with data collection and mismanagement. A new report has revealed that Apple collects the least amount of data whereas Google and Twitter top the chart.

Google Tops The List Of Data Collectors: Is It Justified?

Who Collects The Most Data?

A study published by StockApps has revealed the list of tech companies collecting user data. The report has categorized the types of data collected by the tech firms instead of the quantity. Here's the list of the top tech companies that collect your data, according to this report:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Apple

It was found that Google collects 39 types of user data for its plethora of products and services. Twitter came in second place followed by Amazon, collecting 24 and 23 types of user data, respectively.

Google Tops The List Of Data Collectors: Is It Justified?

The fourth and fifth place were taken up by Facebook and Apple respectively, obtaining 14 and 12 types of user data. The report also mentions that most of the data collected by these tech firms were to "maintain users' accounts".

Why Does Google Collect So Much Data?

Google has many products and services, including Google Search, Gmail, Chrome, Android, and more. More importantly, the search giant relies heavily on target advertising and third-party trackers. Google was also found storing data on several domains, and even users' browser history.

This is why Google has been collecting 39 kinds of user data. "Google takes the cake when it comes to tracking most of your data. This should not surprise, given that their entire business model relies on data," the report explains.

What About Facebook Data Collection?

Surprisingly, Facebook is just one spot above Apple, collecting just 14 types of user data. The Meta-owned social media platform has been in scandals for data collection and selling it. But it looks like Facebook has improved, as the report explains, it now stores data that the users enter.


Lastly, Apple has emerged as the most privacy-conscious tech firm. Most of Apple's ads are centered around privacy, and the new study shows that the iPhone maker has upheld its principles.

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