Google Transfers Rs. 2 Crores to a Hacker; Here’s How Twitter Users Reacted


A few weeks back, Google mistakenly transferred Rs. 2 crores to a hacker, Sam Curry, and forgot to get it back. The hacker has taken to Twitter to alert Google of this money transfer. He made a joke by tagging Google and stating that it was all right if the search engine giant did not want it back.

Google Transfers Rs. 2 Crores to a Hacker

Google's Accidental Money Transfer to a Hacker

In his tweet, Sam Curry stated that it has been a little over three weeks since Google randomly sent him $249,999, and still hasn't reverted anything related to it. He has also asked if there is any way to get in touch with Google. This was posted on his verified Twitter handle. Notably, the tweet also includes a screenshot of the money transfer as seen below.

As per reports, Curry is a staff security engineer for a business based in Omaha and dabbles in big bounty hunting. Many businesses compensate employees financially when they discover security issues or bugs in their software. Curry has previously performed big bounty hunting for Google, but he is clueless why the tech giant has transferred him the money.

Following this tweet, Google acknowledged that the money was transferred to him due to a "human error". A Google spokesperson said that the payment was issued to the incorrect party recently due to a mistake made by a team member. The company appreciated Curry for swiftly informing them of the issue. Also, it was confirmed that they are working towards fixing it. Given that Curry has reported that he has not spent the money, the Google spokesperson said that they plan to recover it.

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Twitter Users React to This Money Transfer

This incident has left Twitter users amazed and many reacted and commented on the tweet. One user warned Curry that there is a scam where people put money into the account and say that the victim has applied for a loan. The user also wanted others to verify the identity of the account. Another user said that he would have called the FBI and let them know of this incident.

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