Google TV: The latest innovation on the block

Posted By: Rahul

Google TV: The latest innovation on the block

By the mid of 2012, most of the television sets across the world are expected to have Google TV run in them. This is because Google is planning to develop TV sets that have the Google TV application built-in. This is in comprtition with Samsung & Sony which have already built & successfully implemented the "Smart TV" concept.

Now, Google believes that it's new range of Google TV's is going to be highly successful as it has made the latest version of Google TV more feature-filled and has incorporated latest technology in them. These new Google TV's are surely going to be better than their predecessors.

U.S & UK are two countries in which Google has a high domination rate, because of this, Google now plans to introduce it's Google TVs all across the World( Maybe a revenue-boosting technique).

Thus with this, we can expect a revolution through the smart TVs & Google is sure of being the best in this segment. According to Google's chairman, Sony is already losing out in the smart tv competition & therefor this is the best opportunity for Google to make inroads into the smart TV market.

These smart tv's, as Google says can be used at homes as well as offices & internet connectivity can also be harnessed effectively thus users can derive maximum benefit of both Analog as well as digital television along with an intuitive computing experience. Plus, Google also plans to upgrade the Google TV with the android Honeycomb operating system.

Apple is also expected to bring out it's own version of Smart TVs by 2012. But as Google believes, this won't affect it's share of sales.

So people, get ready for an experience of a lifetime with internet enabled Smart TVs from Google.

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