Google Voice facilitates free calls in 2012

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Google Voice facilitates free calls in 2012

Google is ready to offer a holiday gift for all its users in United States and Canada too early. The company is releasing a voice product with which the users can make voice calls at free of cost.

Vincent Paquet, the Product Manager of the Google Voice group has announced that it is time for the holiday celebrations to start and that Google is too happy to extend the product that will help the users to make free calls within United States and Canada in 2012. This is a means from Google to help the users to be connected with their family and friends who are put up in various parts of the country.

Users who have to make calls to others who are in different parts of the world can still make use of the Gmail service which will impose only low rates for the calls, he added.

The Google Voice feature was made available to the US and Canada users to make free voice calls since 2010 and was of great benefit but suddenly in the month of August 2011 the company announced that this service will be terminated by the end of the year.

The Christmas celebrations traditionally involves the exchange of expensive and attractive holiday cards to family and friends. If you still want to follow this traditional style of celebrating, then you have the full capability to it with the Google Voice and Skype features that are fun and innovative. You can excite the kids with the yet to launch Send a Call from Santa, a Google service. With this service you can excite kids by making them receive the personalized call from Santa.

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