Google will probe you further

Posted By: Rahul

Google will probe you further

Beginning today, Google will function using a more stringent privacy policy that allows it to collect more & more of your personal data. Google reportedly has a user base of over 1 billion. Using the amended privacy policy, Google will collect details that you would find embarrassing to reveal.

According to sources at Google, this move is for the benefit of users & it also aids in Google providing efficient services to consumers. The sources also stated that Google will provide more efficient & apt services to it's users by analyzing their personal data. More profit extraction out of self-advertising is also on the agenda of Google added the source.

The new privacy policy is a “legalized” one says Google & also said that registered users can minimize the revealing of personal details to a certain extent, but cannot stop it completely. To know what all Google knows about you check out the website: & log in.

People across the world feel that the new privacy policy of Google would amount to privacy encroachment & violation, but Google is no mood to relent. Seeing all this, one thought that comes to mind is "To Use Google, Be Prepared To Get Probed".

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