Google Wishes You “Happy Earth Day” Via Today's Interactive Doodle

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Finally the first doodle of the month from Google has arrived and it appears to mark the 44th Earth Day. It had actually been a while we had not seen a doodle in India. However, today the Earth Day 2014 has brought to us one, which apparently is a collection of five animated doodles, showing the Rufous hummingbird, the veiled chameleon, the moon jellyfish, the dung beetle, a puffer fish and a pair of Japanese macaques.

Google Wishes You “Happy Earth Day” Via Today's Interactive Doodle

Moreover, each doodle shows one animal species and the environment they live. Google might be in fact suggesting that we need to maintain the environment for the species to exist. The doodle keeps changing with every click.

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Like every doodle, if you hover the cursor over the featured doodle, a message wishing you a 'Happy Earth Day' will appear.

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Observing Earth Day actually began from 1970. It was started to mark the beginning of the contemporary environmental movement. It is organized by the Earth Day Network, which aims to "inform and energize populations so they will act to secure a healthy future for themselves and their children". Earth Day is celebrated in more than 192 countries each year to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

You can click here to see other doodles from Google.

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