Govt to Provide Mobile Phones to Poor Families: Do We Really Need It?

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Govt to Provide Mobile Phones to Poor Families: Do We Really Need It?

As the general election date nears, Indian Govt is coming out with new initiatives to lure the below poverty population of the nation by providing them what can be quoted as 'fancy toys.'

Reportedly, it has been informed that the government is likely to invest Rs 7,000 crore to initiate a new scheme to provide mobile phones to all the families below the poverty line.

The scheme is titled as 'Har Haath Mein Phone' (in every hand, a phone), according to the sources, it will be announced on Independence Day in the PM's speech to the nation. Reports have suggested that 6 million families will get a phone and 200 free minutes.

As per NDTV reports, “The BJP described the freebie as a desperate attempt to seek favour among voters ahead of the general elections in 2014.”

“ First, electricity should be provided to people in villages. Without electricity, what is the use of free mobile phones? The government has not been able to implement any scheme without corruption," said a BJP leader Balbir Punj in the report.

In contrast, reports have also revealed that ahead of the 2009 elections, the BJP 's "Vision Document" had considered giving smart phones to families below the poverty line.

Share your views in the comments section below, What do you think is the need of the hour? Providing employment opportunities, accompanied with better infrastructure in terms of sanitation, water and electricity or proving a mobile phone, when a country is heading towards several turmoils in all other segments with each passing day.

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