Hacker claims security flaw with Apple's iPhone; How much is it true?

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Hacker claims security flaw with Apple's iPhone; How much is it true?

Cupertino tech giant Apple is under the scanner with a hacker claiming to have found a security flaw with Apple’s iPhone. According to the hacker, the iPhone is more vulnerable towards text message privacy because of the security flaw. As per the sources, the hacker has confirmed about the flaw in place from the year 2007 till date. This issue was not even solved with the beta version of iOS6. The hacker made this announcement under the name ‘Pod2g’ in a blog post.

According to Pod2g, while sending a message from the SMS text message handling service between two mobile phones, the message sender can technically change the number from reply-to phone number to something different from the original number. The problem is that the receiver of the iPhone receives the SMS which appears to be sent from the reply-to number where as the original identity and mobile number of the sender can be hidden. Ideally this should not happen as people can take advantage of this flaw.

This loophole has the possibility for strangers to send SMS to users pretending as if they are from the banks or other reliable sources so as to steal the private information. Using these fake SMS messages, users can also be prompted to navigate towards a dedicated website from their iPhone for the sender to obtain the confidential information of the user. The hacker has termed the security flaw as ‘severe’ and has asked Apple for fixing this issue before making the final release of its yet to be released iOS6 version.

Pod2g left a comment in the blog post stating, “Now you are alerted. Never trust any SMS you received on your iPhone at first sight.” Apple has still not given any comments officially regarding this matter as per the sources.

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