Hackers are stealing credit card numbers in Israel

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Hackers are stealing credit card numbers in Israel


The largest credit card company of Israel has been hacked by the computer hackers and they have published the details of the a large number of active credit cards after they have broke into the website, says the CEO of Isracard, Day Kotler. Isracard is a unit of the Bavk Hapoalim.

He said that there was a file on the internet with over 400,000 credit card numbers of Israel and that he found majority of them to be invalid or incorrect. The media reports of Israel claims that a group of hackers based in Saudi has accessed various Israeli websites to pick the numbers.

Kotler said that out of the 400,000 numbers, the company has found only 14,000 numbers to be valid of which 6,000 were issued by Isracard. Some of the credit cards numbers that are stolen were found to be used for online purchases and the company has now blocked any further transactions.

The affected clients will be reimbursed soon, he added. He also added that there are over 7 million active credit cards in Israel at present.

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