Hackers easily outwitting online security experts

Posted By: Rahul

Hackers easily outwitting online security experts

There is some shocking news for all you internet users out there. A recent study has revealed that hackers are easily beating internet security experts & the mechanisms they employ. This is sure to create a lot of embarrassment to Governments across the world who are investing a lot of money on hiring online security experts.

This revelation comes in the aftermath of the recent Microsoft India Store attack. In this attack, confidential user data compromise has taken place on a large scale. We come across internet security breaches almost every other day. This shows that hackers have gained an upper hand & are trying to destabilize the very creation & working of the internet.

Online experts say that this trend is a result of people becoming technology slaves by the minute. As more & more personal info of people is online, hackers are encouraged to develop new hacking methods to steal these details. This in turn leads to more infiltration & thereby destabilizes the internet working process.

Online security experts are reportedly finding it difficult to develop hacking prevention methods. This in turn is leading to security breaches multiplying by the second. If the same trend continues, then the very words “Internet Security, Privacy” are going to get eliminated from the dictionary.

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