Hackers steal confidential data from Microsoft India store

Posted By: Rahul

Hackers steal confidential data from Microsoft India store

Hackers are at it again!. This time their target is the Microsoft India store. The hackers have also reportedly stolen usernames & passwords. This is bad news since Microsoft is a leading I.T. Giant and it's website has also not been spared by hackers.

These hackers reportedly belonged to a Chinese hacking group called the Evil Shadow Team. They even posted a message after the hack saying that “Unsafe System will be baptized”. This also shows the determination of the hackers to attack  the websites without any concern for the users' data. This incident has thus begun the ringing of alarm bells for Microsoft as well as other leading I.T. Giants of the world.

The username & passwords stolen by the hackers were not encrypted according to reliable sources. They ought to have been stored in the encrypted form. This may lead to the hackers possessing personal information of users and later misusing this information for their own personal gain.

Thus, effective steps have to be initiated not only by Microsoft India but also by other leading companies so that data remains safe which in turn leads to the world becoming a safer place to live in.

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