Harvard Astronomer believes there's an alien spaceship among us

This is some interesting information for astronomers.


Before he caused a stir with his statements surrounding alien spaceships in 2018, the chairman of Harvard University's astronomy department was recognized for his lectures on modesty. Personal modesty, which Abraham Loeb claims he learned while growing up on a farm.

Harvard Astronomer believes there's an alien spaceship among us


Loeb calls "cosmic modesty" an idea that says it would be arrogant to believe that we are alone in the whole universe, or even a particularly special species. According to the Washington Post, Loeb "has run a nearly nonstop media circuit, embracing the celebrity that comes from being perhaps the most academically distinguished alien civilization enthusiast of his time - the top Harvard astronomer who suspects technology from another solar system just showed up at our door."

"And this, in turn, continues has left some of his peers nonplused - grumbling at what they see as a flimsy theory or bewildered as to why Harvard's top astronomer won't shut up about aliens."

Avi Selk writes that it would be unfair to call Loeb 'a crank.' When astronomers came across the first known interstellar object in late 2017 - a blip of light moving so fast could have only come from another star. Loeb has several astronomical publications on his resume that deal with black holes and early galaxies and other subjects.

Besides, astronomers made an unusual finding using the Hubble Space Telescope. They found a dwarf galaxy in our cosmic backyard which is around 30 million light-years away. The finding can be seen in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters.

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