Heavy discounts on mobile phones and smartphones are a scam

Posted By: Rahul

Heavy discounts on mobile phones and smartphones are a scam

Beware of sites offering heavy discounts on smartphones as all these deals are either fake or offer you mobiles & smartphones that are present in the company's old stocks. This could sound shocking but is true to the core.

It is a common site to see websites and e-mails consisting of ads displaying heavy discounts on smartphones & mobile phones with latest features. But once you go through the phone's specifications in detail you will come to know that the deal is not as good as it sounds.

Most of the specifications are outdated and the features too would be low-end ones. These features don't fit in the category of smartphone features. One shocking detail here is that online retailers resort to such heavy discounts only to clear old stocks & dispose old mobile phones/ smartphones that are left unsold.

The operating system in these phones are generally outdated versions, a fact which retailers hide & pronounce that the phones run on the latest version of operating systems. Even the hardware specifications are all outdated & dead but the online retailers hide this fact bluntly & state that the phones provide the most modern features that there ever is. On other thing to look out for is the price tag which is unrealistically low for the range of features that mobile phones/smartphones provide.

So, be on high alert the next time you witness an ad offering huge discounts on modern models of mobile phones/smartphones. Don't fall for the hoax.

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