High Resolution Image Of Sun Captured: Will It Unravel Mysteries Of The Star?


Among the most daring and ambitious space projects is the mission to explore the Sun. We've got a little close with the latest image captured on the world's largest solar telescope - the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST). The telescope has captured its first high resolution image of Sun.

High Resolution Image Of Sun

High Resolution Image Of Sun

The new image is now the Bible for space researchers and is believed to help understand the 50-year study of the Earth's most important star. It reveals important details like the small magnetic structures in depth.

The credits go to the Inouye telescope that packs unique resolution and sensitivity to capture the Sun's magnetic field. The telescope is equipped to help study the activities that drive the space weather surrounding the Earth. It will also help understand one of the most counterintuitive solar mysteries: why the Sun's corona or outer layer, is hotter than its visible surface.

Understanding The Sun

The Sun has been one of the biggest mysteries, even if it is easily visible to us. It constantly sheds materials into space in all directions. These collide with the Earth's magnetic field and create the Aurora here. Some of Earth's outbursts are more dramatic, especially when it spews out larger chunks of plasma, which can even affect satellites and power grids on Earth.

The new image captured by the Inouye telescope will aid astronomers to learn and understand what drives the space weather. It helps in speed predictions for the most extreme events to have a faster response during dangerous situations. With the in-depth observation of the magnetic surface of the Sun, NASA's Parker Solar Probe will further help in the analysis.

NASA To Understand The Sun

The Parker Solar Probe was launched in 2018 and is designed to reach within 6 million kilometers of the Sun. Plus, the Solar Orbiter, a joint mission by the European Space Agency and NASA is also channeled to study the Sun's heliosphere. Altogether, the satellites and telescopes will further help unravel the mysteries of the Sun and space.

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