Hovding: The Invisible Bike Helmet to Save Your Hair and Head Both

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Hovding: The Invisible Bike Helmet to Save Your Hair and Head Both

Is your helmet causing subsequent “bad hair days” to you or is it becoming a burden to carry around. If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions then there is a happy news for you. Swedish residents Anna Haupt and her friend Terese Alstin have invented a breakthrough product. There invention is a master piece helmet which stays invisible until you need it. The concept is interesting and the working does not let us down either. The inventors have named the helmet as ‘Hovding’.

What is it All About?

At a first glance the helmet looks like a collar around the neck. The collar accommodates a folded up air bag similar to the ones found in cars. The helmet incorporates sensors for recording the movements of the rider and for determining the angular velocity and acceleration during accidents. This black box type sensor will activate the air bag upon detecting falls which will inflate with in a fraction of a second to protect the head. The air bag unfolds into a hood like covering when the sensors detect abnormal movements on the wearer. The air bag is inflated by a small gas inflator which fills it with helium.

The inflator needs to be powered up for functioning. There are LEDs on the device to tell the user how much power is left in the equipment to work the inflator. Sounds are included to alert you if the device is powered on. The hood like ‘Hovding’ helmet uses a micro USB port for charging. The company claims that the charge will last for about a month during normal use.

Data collected by the black box type sensor is stored in the Hovding so that any concerned authorities or individuals can know the details regarding the accident from the company. With its efficient design and functionality, Hovding come across as a very much wearable gadget. The collar comes along with a removable liner which allows it to be mixed and matched with your costume. The inventors were motivated for designing such a product when it was made mandatory for children to wear helmets in Sweden. Until now the helmet has saved around 20 people in Sweden who encountered accidents recently.

The helmet is currently available in European countries only, but can be expected to reach more markets in future.

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