How big is the sensor on Nokia 808 PureView?

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How big is the sensor on Nokia 808 PureView?

At the MWC 2012, Nokia made a revolution by announcing the PureView 808 smartphone with a 41 MP camera that is never heard before in the history of mobile phones. The camera supports many new imaging tricks and the sensor that is behind it will surely have to be huge enough to handle the pictures.

The image will demonstrate that the sensor is almost 2.5 times as large as the one in Nokia N8 and this is really an achievement by itself. This one thing is enough for the 808 PureView to brag about itself for having a sensor that is larger than the one present in most of the point and shoot cameras.

The smallest sensor is the usual size that is used in the smartphones and the middle one is that one that will match the size of the sensor in Nokia N8. The last and the largest one is the one used in the PureView.

Detailed Specifications of Nokia 808 PureView

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