HTC plans to release competitive models soon

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HTC plans to release competitive models soon

HTC Corporation has assured the launch of some new competitive models in the beginning of the next year and it also claims that it will adhere to the strategy and maintain the challenge that is ever increasing in the market of smartphones. The company has actually become a very poor performer in the shares of global smartphones in this year and has experienced a drop of about 30 percent in the previous eight sessions.

When these concerns has reached to the peak, the company dropped its forecast on revenue that has to be made for the fourth quarter thereby creating a shock in the market being the manufacturer of the great models like Wildfire and Desire. But still the company claims that it will not become one more Nokia, the manufacturer that has faced a fall from the market.

As per an the CFO of HTC, it is not so serious for the company and that it has six quarters of improvement in hand. The company has achieved about 45 million units of product shipments in this year which is almost double than that of the previous year. He has told that the company will concentrate all its focus on products that will be released next year and on how to make them competitive and better.

It is working on LTE phones that is meant for the US market but that is not all as it is also working on some phones for others markets too.

HTC has many challenges and it is confident of facing them boldly and winning them. It does not only have tough competitions from the companies like Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics due to the iPhone and Galaxy series smartphones but also some legal challenges regarding the patents from companies like Apple. In Germany, the company's smartphone sales is halted at present by IPCo, a patent firm based in Germany.

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