IDF 2012: Intel Envisions Transparent Computing as the Future

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IDF 2012: Intel Envisions Transparent Computing as the Future

Intel is going in the collaborative mode. After the success of firms like Google and Apple, now Intel is experimenting with a developer zone for promoting collaborative design and development work. Intel showcased its technological prowess with the launch of Intel Developer Zone. 

Intel Developer Zone was announced during the IDF 2012 event also known as Intel Developer Forum. The zone is designed especially for software professionals and businesses. The new developer zone will now act as a single point of access to the tools, resources and communities for developers on Intel platform. Renee James - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Software and Services Group – took charge of the Day 2 keynote at IDF, and urged the development community to embrace transparent computing. 

James announced the Intel Developer Zone, which is a resource designed to help and educate app developers and guide them along the transparent computing road. Only time will tell if Intel’s faith in HTML5 will be borne out, but in fairness, it’s not like there’s many other options right now. 

The latest program from Intel is designed to provide resources and help for developers to make leaps in the advanced segment of technology overcoming the challenges being faced.


Intel Developer Zone is designed to provide assistance in technology areas such as: 

  • Enhanced User-Experience

  • Touch Screen enhancements

  • Battery Life

  • Cloud Accessibility

  • Data Security

  • Form Factors

  • Operating Systems

Intel Developer Zone is mainly focused around three areas. 

  • Development Resources

  • Business Resources

  • Active Communities

Development Resources

This is mainly designed for improvements in the user experiences. Intel Developer Zone is all set to announce HTML5 Developer Zone on the fourth quarter of this year. This will guide software developers of how to implement HTML5 based apps on platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows etc. As part of this, company will be providing the required materials for developers including software tools, guides, sample code etc for enhancing new user-experience among the existing platforms.

Business Resources

The app developers and other software developers can submit the sample of their innovations and creations through the Intel AppUp Center for categories such as tablets, desktop systems and Ultrabook devices. The company’s Global Software Distribution and Sales Opportunities can also be viewed through the Intel AppUp Center.

Active Communities

It is considered to be one of the major attractions of Intel Developer Zone where experts from across Intel and other Industry can eventually share knowledge and support among them. There is a specialized Ultrabook community where users can view the comments and opinions being shared by leading developers and experts. The topics range from the creation of Windows 8 apps for the latest touch-enabled and sensor-enabled Ultrabook devices.

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