IFA History's Best Tech Toys: Gadgets That Changed The World

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Over the years, International Funkaustellung (IFA) has seen the debut of technologically advanced products ranging from the GSM phones to latest TVs. It's the largest consumer electronics show in Europe. PC makers, telecom players and dozens of mobile phone makers have been making annual visit to Berlin since past years.

Not just that, IFA often sets the mood for the rest of the next year for what hot new gadgets will win consumers' mind and pockets. Each year, IFA literally packs in thousands of attendees. For several years, IFA has been all about TVs. But the trend is shifting now, as consumers' electronics giants, such as Samsung and Sony, prefer to launch their big-ticket mobile phones.

Thus today, we've tried to highlight the annual IFA tech show from its inception. Take a look into sliders below!

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IFA 2001

Back in 2001, South Korean giants, including Samsung and LG were still emerging. Visitors curiously inspecting a flat screen TV at the IFA 2001.

IFA 1999

Sony scored a monumental success with the PlayStation home video game console. As seen, visitors check out the PlayStation console up close and play various games at the IFA 1999.

IFA 1997

The consumer multimedia content boom that started in late 1990s prompted content partners to come up with new ideas. Visitors look at the latest Sharp products during the IFA 1997.

IFA 1995

Visitors waiting for the opening at the entrance North at the International Funkaustellung (IFA) consumer electronics fair in Berlin.

IFA 1993

Visitors try out the new Nokia 1011 at the Nokia stand at the IFA 1993 consumer electronics trade fair. The handset was the world's first mass-produced GSM handset and featured a monochrome display.

IFA 1991

A Sony representative presents the Mini-Disk system during its launch at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin.

IFA 1989

A model stands in front of a Philips TV during a tour of the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin. A Philips-made TV replaced the 4:3 aspect ratio TV picture with a 16:9 ratio.

IFA 1987

The IFA fair ground and the International Congress Center is the meeting point of the Consumer electronics.

IFA 1985

A company representative holds the Casio smart Pocket-TV during the world premiere at the IFA 1985.

IFA 1983

View from the "Funkturm" onto the Georghe-C. Marshall-House and "Sommergarten.

IFA 1981

Visitors look at the latest Hi-Fi stereo products during the opening day of the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin.

IFA 1979

TV-Star Dieter Thomas Heck live on air from the IFA fair ground.

IFA 1977

Visitors at the Stand of ITT Schaub-Lorenz at the International Funkaustellung (IFA) consumer in Berlin.

IFA 1975

Visitors patently testing out stereophones at the International Funkaustellung (IFA) consumer in Berlin.

IFA 1973

The Governing Major of Berlin, Klaus Schütz, congratulates the "Funkturm" to his 47th birthday.

IFA 1930

Albert Einstein opens the IFA. The world's most famous physicist delivered the opening address at the 7th Great German Radio and Phonograph Show.

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Source- IFA Press Photos

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