India China slammed in US Cloud Computing report

Posted By: Rahul

India China slammed in US Cloud Computing report

A US report on cloud computing has slammed countries like India, China & Brazil saying that all these countries are a threat to the future of cloud computing.

This report was based on a survey by the Business Software Alliance which is based in the U.S. The report states that India, which is one of the World's largest software industry hasn't done well in the field of cloud computing. China & Brazil also bore the brunt of the report's findings. India & China were placed in the bottom six in the cloud computing area. The scores of India & China stood at 50.0 & 47.5 respectively.

Japan was accorded the top ranking by the report & Japan's score tally was 83.3. Other “Developed” countries like the U.S., France, Australia etc closely followed Japan & weren't far behind. The solution that experts suggest to developing countries is that they are in need of a uniform Government policy that provides for better cloud computing.

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