India has the youngest internet population in the world

Posted By: Rahul

India has the youngest internet population in the world

According to a latest study, India is home to the world's youngest internet population. India has maximum number of internet users under the age of 35 years. The study also states that social networking site LinkedIn is very popular among the Indian youth as it is used by at least one among eight internet users.

A spokesman for the firm conducting the study said that youths in India aged between 15 to 25 years had little or no interest in using internet services such as E-Mail, Instant Messaging etc. A heightened interest especially in the social networking arena was noticed among young people. Indian users spend approximately 35 billion minutes using internet in an entire year.

Asia Pacific accounted for over 55 percent youth internet usage compared to 52 percent world youth internet usage. 95 percent of the total world netizens use social networking, states the study. Thus, we can say that this news is a morale booster for the internet not only in India but across the entire world as various internet service providers are facing criminal charges in courts across the world.

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