Indian Android app space is ruled by Google

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Indian Android app space is ruled by Google


The Android operating system of Google is the most growing platform and there is no surprise in this. This is not only the case across the world but also in India. The Indian market is highly price sensitive and the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad are quite expensive for a majority of the consumers and therefore the less expensive Android has become important.

A research firm, Nielson has released a post in a blog stating that the Indian mobile app field is ruled by Google. The report says that on an average, about 40% of the time is spent on the data apps by the Indian smartphone users and about 25% of these apps are made by Google.

Of these, the most used applications of Google are the Android Market and then Gmail and Gtalk. Then comes the rest of the apps. But on contrary, the most popular one is not of Google but it is the social networking app, Facebook. Then comes Nimbuzz at the second position as it is used mainly for chat purposes. The other categories that rule the industry of mobile apps are GPS, e-mail, video and search.

The Google rules the industry when it comes to time spent on activities like GPS, e-mail and video streaming but when it comes to chat and social networking, the third party developers get the credit.

The report also includes the details of the age groups and the use of the popular Google apps’ usage. However, it does not cover the other applications across the various other platforms. This makes it hard to conclude if the above mentioned ones are the most used applications in India. But this will be the case as far as Android is considered.

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