Indian courts summon Internet firms

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Indian courts summon Internet firms


US based internet firms like Google, Facebook and many others have been strictly ordered by couple of Indian courts to remove the offensive material in their sites as it has become a growing battle.

A court in Delhi, the country's capital announced summons to about 19 companies yesterday to face the trail for the offenses of distributing the obscene material to the minors. This was done after those image were found to be offensive to the religions like Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

As per the statement of Sudesh Kumar, the Metropolitan Magistrate, the companies that were accused were involved in selling, exhibiting publicly and distributing the lascivious and obscene content.

India has not restricted the access to internet for those users who can afford it. So far, around one tenth of the country's population uses the internet and as the connections increase at a rapid pace, the concerns regarding the nature of content in the internet has started to grow in the spiritually conservative country.

Another court in Delhi has asked the websites to remove the content, videos and photos that will hurt the religions beliefs of people. Google's spokesman has said that it is a foundation of a free society to access the information and that if the content is illegal or if violates the terms of service, Google will remove it.

The spokesman also told that they have not received any official notification about the court's action. Other than Google, none of the other companies or the courts were not there for comments. Early this month, the Telecoms Minister of India, Kapil Sibal insisted the internet firms to remove the offensive materials. This was based on the criticism made by the internet users regarding the censorship.

Despite these rules to remove the offensive content from internet, India is very free when it comes to internet access when it is compared with the same in the other countries where there are thigh controls.

India has over 100 million internet users which is the third largest in the world. China and United States are leading India in this category but still it is estimated that India will reach 300 million within the next three years.

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