Indian Man Uses Google Earth To Find Home 26 years later

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Google is now telling the story of an Indian man who found his way home with the help of Google Maps. At age 5, Saroo Munshi Khan fell asleep on a train on a stationary train in India. Upon waking up, he found himself in an unfamiliar place. This was the train ride that took the young boy away from his family. However, after over a quarter of a century, he found his way back home with Google's mapping technology.

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Indian Man Uses Google Earth To Find Home 26 years later

In a blog post, Google said that in 2011, Saroo used its mapping product, Google Earth, to determine where it was that he came from. "Using the ruler feature in Google Earth, he mapped out a search radius by making an educated guess about how far he traveled by train. After countless hours of scouring this area of Google Earth imagery, he came upon a proverbial needle in a haystack."

Google goes on to add that after some intensive searching, the young man spotted a landmark which helped him track down several other landmarks that he was vaguely familiar with. In the end, he came across a neighborhood that matched the one in his memory.

A year later, Saroo went to Khandwa, India and with the help from some locals there, he was able to find his way back home. He was overjoyed to learn that he was survived by three family members, his mother, brother and sister. So with a lot of luck and some help form technology, the young man found his way back home.

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