Indian Wi-Fi users are highly prone to threats say experts

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Indian Wi-Fi users are highly prone to threats say experts

According to a recent study, Wi-Fi users in India are more vulnerable to threats(virus attacks, malicious data loss, logic attacks etc). This is bad news since India is considered to be one of the World's largest I.T. hubs. These attacks, according to experts will lead to large scale destruction of computers and even breach of firewalls as well.

Experts also warn that these threats have the capability to breach even the most secure networks and enable unauthorized users to gain access to these networks. Thus, large scale data loss also takes place as a result of these threats. One more shocking factor here is the ability of these threats to decode even encrypted data. Shocking isn't it?

This will surely lead to more and more safe networks being exploited, this may include even top secret data being compromised.  The study further stated that home users who set up WI-fi networks are the most vulnerable. An attacker who is in the range of the WAP(Wireless Access Point) can retrieve the password of the users' WI-fi network and can use this password to gain access and compromise data or misuse the user account. When the user logs in after this process is done, denial of service occurs.

Thus, users need to use latest and up to date mechanisms to secure themselves from threats. This involves having a secure threat detection software that reports the users once an attempt is made to gain unauthorized access. The most basic guideline that experts recommend is updating of anti-virus software on a regular basis so as to avoid breach of security.

Users can also disable their WPS's(Wi-Fi Protected Setup) external registrar feature to get protection from virus attacks as some flaws have been discovered in the WPS mechanism also.

Thus, people need to be aware of the threats that threaten the integrity of their Wi-Fi networks and take effective steps to combat them. So Wi-Fi users out there, put on your thinking cap and invest on security today.


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