India’s #1 Ethical Hacker Ankit Fadia Hacked Again!

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India’s #1 Ethical Hacker Ankit Fadia Hacked Again!

India's most popular self acclaimed hacker Ankit Fadia website recently got hacked again. The author of books about internet and computer security, hacker’s website has been hacked for the second time. Visitors may quickly do a search on Google with keywords “Ankit Fadia” and check the description in the search results page. Here’s how it looks like at the moment. 

As shown in the snippet of the website, the message left by the hackers reads “Hacked you again, Fadia! Seriously, I think maybe you should change your profession to farming? India’s ‘So Called’ number 1 ethical hacker hacked? You must be wondering how I bypassed your security?”. 

The hacker seems to have hacked the website as Ankit Fadia made an open claim to the hackers to attack his website. Fadia had earlier challenged anyone to attack his site and now it is done and assured that anyone who hacks his website will get a full time job. 

Early this year, the website of the ethical hacker was hacked by a group, which identified itself as Team Grey Hat. The hackers had accessed the files stored on the server and a posted a few screenshots of the files. 

The video below shows the challenge and promise made by Ankit Fadia to the hackers. However, it is going to be interesting to see how the ethical hacker responds to the second hack made on his official site.

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