India's best new ringtone contest by Nokia

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Nokia and AudioDraft have partnered to find the best ringtone in the country. You can make your own ringtone that embraces the Indian music. It is a stand to win Rs 76,000 approximately for each ringtone selected. The winning tone will reach several million Nokia handsets.

India's best new ringtone contest by Nokia

The ringtones of the contest must be suitable for use all over India. Nokia is running similar contests in China, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, South East Asia and Latin America.

The Sound Design Team of Nokia will listen to the entries and make their final selection. This will have 5 tones for each of the regions mentioned above. Each ringtone will get the prize money mentioned above.

In order to help the team, everyone are encouraged to rate the content as far as the contest is live. The winning tones will be added to the respective regions they were created for. The contestants must use the musical instruments and elements that have strong connection to local culture. The tones can be traditional, classical, folk and modern in style. However, all the ringtones must be contemporary and not old fashioned.

You can visit the AudioDraft site to known more details on the contest. This is open till April 17th and the winners will be announced on April 24th.

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