Inexpensive Aakash tablet is on sale

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Inexpensive Aakash tablet is on sale


The Android powered tablet is available through the portal Suneet Singh Tuli, the CEO and the founder of Datawind said that the company has put around 30,000 tablets for sale online and provide a cash on delivery option within a time span of 7 days. Many corporates and individuals have pre-ordered over 400,000 tablets but currently the device is limited only for the individual users.

The updated and commercial version of Aakash known as Ubislate 7 is equipped with a fast processor and it will be launched by the end of January 2012. This tablet will have a 700 MHz processor while the current version has a 366 MHz processor. The Ubislate 7 is available for a cost of Rs. 3000 for the online sale.

Datawind seems to have some issues regarding the customer service when it comes to the online retail though the sale is currently limited to a particular number of tablets. The Indian government is in plans to offer some new specifications to the Aakash tablet and provide a much more faster processor for it and also improve the battery life. The version available now has a battery life of only 1.5 hours.

The government has actually planned to distribute around 100,000 tablets to the college and school students of which it had procured 10,000 only so far and the remaining 90,000 are yet to be procured for distribution. These low cost tablets have attracted the interest from the other nations also.

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