Intel announces low cost 3G solution

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Intel announces low cost 3G solution

Intel has announced a low cost 3G solution for mobile phones and tablets. The new tech dubbed SMARTi UE2p is a radio frequency solution that integrates power amplifiers to radio frequency circuits. The new SoC solution allows a smaller footprint and reduces the complexity for the developers.

SMARTi WE2p simplifies the product development process and the supply chain logistics. It also reduces the component count and the system complexity. The solution will let manufacturers to make low cost 3G handsets. The new technology reduces the number of components and lets to allow manage power effectively. As of now, the power management is done by a separate chip.

The Intel technology is targeted at the new mass market segments like 3G handsets below Rs 5,000. It is also for machine to machine modules that lets for the connectivity of washing machine, fridge and more. This will lets low cost tablets (only Wi-Fi) to offer 3G connectivity.

The samples of SMARTi WE2p will reach the manufacturers by the end of 2012 and will be shipped to the consumers by early 2013.

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