Intel Atom Roadmap Leaked: New Tablet Quad Core Processor Bay Trail-T Coming in 2014

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Intel Atom Roadmap Leaked: New Tablet Quad Core Processor Bay Trail-T Coming in 2014

The tech world knew that Intel is working on a processor specifically designed for tablets. However, this rumour has got confirmed recently, after few leaked Intel Atom Roadmap slides appeared online giving a glimpse of the next generation advanced processors. 

According to the images leaked, the new processor is named Intel Bay Trail-T. The roadmap reveals that Bay Trail-T processor will be out in the market by 2014. 

Intel is reportedly in talks with its OEM partners already for development using this platform though the official launch is still a year away. Analysts believe that Intel would succeed in convincing the tablet manufacturers to use their new processor and we could see a major announcement by Intel during CES-2013. 

The latest platform arrives with a host of new enhancements compared to the existing Intel Clover Trail Platform. Bay Trail-T is designed with a 22-nm process which can ensure low power consumption and improved performance. The existing Clover Trail platform uses a 32-nm process where as ARM Cortex-A15, which is considered to be the segment leader uses a 28-nm process. 

Intel claims that their latest processor will deliver 50% to 60% improvement in the performance compared to the existing Clover Trial. Power consumption could also go down by as much as 50%. The new platform will also feature powerful 2.1 GHz quad core processors with an extended support for DX 11 graphics that could give much better graphical performance.

The newly developed tablet based platform by Intel is expected to support tablet resolutions of up to 2560 x 1600 pixels. Bay Trail-T could also include an option by means of which users can use 3-D cameras capable of shooting 1080p resolution at 60 fps. 

As per the reports coming in, Intel has already started talking majority of the tablet manufacturers as part of their efforts to convince them on using their new platform with the claims of less power consumption and more operating efficiency.

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