Intel claims that ultrabooks will replace laptops by 2013

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Intel claims that ultrabooks will replace laptops by 2013


Intel, the electronic chip maker is betting huge on the evolution of a new type of notebook called Ultrabook. The company expects this new computer form factor to replace the laptops by 2013.

Intel's Director of Marketing in South Asia, Sandeep Aurora has told that Intel will focus during the next few years on security, energy efficiency and also on connectivity. The category of ultrabook was launched this year itself and it will surely change the entire idea of computing within two or three years.

The ultrabooks have very compact and sleek design with a very high computing speed that will cater the computing requirements of the present laptop users. Aurora also added that they are expecting the laptops to be replaced completely by the new ultrabooks within 2013.

Intel also expects the business organizations to quickly adopt to the culture of using ultrabooks. The Director of Sales and Marketing of Intel South Asia, Tara Kalavade said that the ultrabooks will be so thin that they can put put in an envelope. Intel is working on a new product, Ivy Bridge that will be launched soon and it will focus mainly on ultrabooks.

Intel says that it will enter the smartphone market in 2012 with the Atom processor in the first half of the year. The phones that are based on the Atom processors are scheduled to arrive within the second quarter of the next year.

Intel is in plans to use the Mobile Communications segment that was formed after the acquisition of Infineon Technologies Wireless Solutions in order to develop the technology related to 2G, 3G and 4G mobile platforms.

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